Destination Complete

Exclusively curated experiences in Iceland and the Polar Regions.

Destination Complete is your partner for exclusively curated experiences in Iceland and the Polar Regions - meeting the expectations of the world's most discriminating clients.

This DMC is your in-destination representative in some of Earth's harshest regions and can help you create unparalleled adventures for your team. Destination Complete offers you and your team the type of exclusivity where bespoke experiences are carefully curated to each client.

Harpa is one of Reykjavík’s most striking landmarks and a center of cultural and social life in the very heart of the city. Harpa is an award-winning work of art that has been visited by millions of people since opening in 2011. Its Concert Hall and Conference Centre is a first-class conference center that has received numerous awards and prizes for outstanding facilities. With over 70,000 sq ft of conference space and various halls can be split or combined in countless ways to accommodate up to 3500 participants. Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre offers the ideal place to create stunning corporate events and entertainment opportunities for your team.

The Aurora Borealis are a natural phenomenon, a result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun's atmosphere. Variations in color are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding. ION Adventure Hotel offers an excellent location for sightings around the hotel and guests are encouraged to sign up for Northern Lights wake up calls upon check-in.

Team experiences curated by Destination Complete include major tourism highlights as well as many unexpected adventures, such as private glacier snowmobiling, a glacier sushi buffet, and a private lava tunnel tour. Destination Complete’s team of local Destination Experts is at your service.

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