Where Do We Go From Here? Cherryl Brazier | June 2, 2020

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy

Martin Luther King

At Anchor Collection, we believe that travel is a force for good, and that as travelers we have a profound responsibility to step outside our comfort zones, open our minds, and acknowledge and respect each other’s perspectives. 

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The story behind the name “Anchor Collection” Cherryl Brazier | March 28, 2018

One of the most difficult decisions facing any entrepreneur is what to call the company. Many factors come into play:

– How does the name reflect my company image?
– Is the name already taken?
– How does it translate into other languages?

After having a couple of months of enforced vacation to travel and contemplate what I want to do with the rest of my life, I decided to set up my own representation company in early January.

Here are the criteria I needed to fulfill:

A: Using the extensive knowledge I have of many destinations around the world
B: Being able to travel internationally
C: Continuing to work with the amazing group of clients that I have developed over the years
D: Being in control of my own destiny

On an extremely cold day in early January, I sat down for lunch with a good friend Chris Lynn from London & Partners to discuss my thoughts for the new business. As Chris is aware of my passion for sailing, it was only appropriate that that should be reflected in my company name. Initial thoughts were – “Main Sale” or “Broad Reach” but it wasn’t quite right.

On the journey back to Rhode Island that evening, I researched sailing terms and was contemplating using “Anchor Collection”. Previously, I met with Rita Connor from Elite Resorts & Spas to pick her brains on her successful representation business. She told me about coming up with her name whilst walking through a supermarket. Rita is a strong believer in using your intuition and said that my name would eventually come to me. When I returned to Redondo Beach. I realized that my company name was right there on my doorstep every day.

I feel that the term “anchor” appropriately reflects the nature of the representation business in its meaning. Consider the definitions:- Secure firmly in position

– Provide with a firm basis or foundation

– A reliable or principal support

The “Anchor Collection” will provide a reliable, principal support for hotels, venues and DMCs and steady the relationship between partners and clients.

For more information about our mission and purpose, see our about page.

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