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Denmark is a small nation with a lot to offer, and at Idéa Nordic, they are looking forward to welcoming you into their innovative world! They create incredible memories with their unique and tailor-made programs. They support you from the initial Idéa all the way to the experience! They are a team with a fabulous mix of creative, structured, innovative, organized, and dedicated people.

Denmark is an excellent choice if you are tasked with finding a location that offers sustainable options. Copenhagen has the world's most ambitious climate policies - with a goal of being the first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025. Denmark is Scandinavia's gourmet food capital with a total of 36 Michelin Stars and 26 star-studded restaurants to choose from, not bad! In fact, Copenhagen houses the best and second-best restaurant in the world. Might that be the reason why Denmark is one of the happiest countries?

Copenhagen has also been awarded as the Safest City in 2021, as well as receiving first place with the Coolest Neighborhood.

Don’t just take their word for it, come and ‘hygge’ for yourself. Ask about tailor-made programs and create incredible European experiences.

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