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Sumba Island Indonesia, A Pacific World Emerging Destination

Sumba Island

A Pacific World Emerging Destination

Anchor Collections is going to be focusing a lot on Emerging Destinations with the advent of the year 2020, and we’d like to give you some reasons as to why we think it’s important to focus on these emerging destinations…

1.          Over-Tourism – Visiting hot, up-and-coming travel destinations instead of main-stay travel destinations helps to fight over-tourism AND the cultural, environmental and economic problems associated with it. 

2.          Price – If you’re reading this right now, we’re assuming that you are following us because you are interested in corporate or incentive travel. Rather than spend beaucoup bucks on mid-range hotels in already over-touristed destinations, why not treat your guest to a high-end experience in an emerging destination for a fraction of the price?

3.          Novelty – Planning group travel can be like hosting a dinner party – there’s always one guest who has “seen it all.” Traveling to an emerging destination guarantees that every one of your travelers has a one-of-a-kind experience, even if they are already a seasoned globe trotter.

Fishing boats at the beach at Sumba Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island

Sumba Island lies to the east of Bali and is home to gorgeous azure waters and white sands. It is also close in proximity to Komodo island; one of the fastest developing islands in Indonesia. 

Visiting Sumba is a great way to check out a different side of Indonesia, as the cultural traditions and even the houses are different from much of the rest of the country.

Surfing beautiful waves along the coast of Sumba Island, Indonesia

Nihi Sumba Resort

Sumba Island is a great high-end incentive destination, partly because of the exclusive Nihi Sumba Resort, part of Leading Hotels of the world. 

The Nihi Sumba Resort has 23 villas, an organic garden, spa, beach club, chocolate factory and many activities groups can participate in.

Mountaintop at Sumba Island, Indonesia

How Do You Arrive?

How do you arrive on Sumba Island? Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air flies to Sumba Island daily, and Srivijaya Air flies in three times a week. 

Bus, car, mini-bus and ojek are some of the best ride options while there, and renting a fleet of scooters would be a super-cute way to entertain your guests! 

June through August is the time to visit, when the weather is sunny and warm (with occasionally downpours, so don’t forget to pack those umbrellas.

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