What solutions do you offer hotel and destination partners and clients?

Hotel and destination partners: We offer hotel partners a sales and marketing presence in the U.S. without the expense or visa hassle of having a permanent employee in the U.S. Representing a collection of hotels and destinations gives us greater access to clients, as opposed to trying to get appointments for each individual property. For clients: We offer clients a contact in close to the same time zone to assist with booking international properties. We are experts at negotiating and mediating international hotel contracts.

What is a tangible benefit you offer hotels and clients?

Hotel and destination partners: We help our partners save money by not having to employ a full-time salesperson (estimated at more than $150 annually) in the U.S. or to pay for international travel costs for sales meetings and lead generation. We have a greater presence in the U.S. market and have a personal understanding of the properties in our collection, as well as the local U.S. clients’ needs. Therefore, we offer better leads and referrals that are more likely to book business with your property.

What additional value and benefits do you add?

Hotel and destination partners: As a U.S. representative with strong client relationships, we are an extension of our hotel partners’ sales teams. We can also be on call to visit clients and assist in closing high-value contracts. We have a regular presence in the U.S. market, with face-to-face sales calls and attendance at events. We allow hotel directors of sales to avoid regular international trips, giving them more time to manage other international markets and daily operations. We operate in the same time zones our clients do. Meeting planners: Our expertise in negotiating with international hotels in over 100 countries makes us a trusted resource with U.S. clients. Planners don’t have to get up at 5 a.m. to call an international property or wait for next-day email exchanges. And we have extensive knowledge of many destinations for clients who are new to booking internationally. Our relationship with our clients helps guide them to the properties and destinations that best suit their needs.

What is the communication process with hotels and clients?

Hotel and destination partners: We stay in regular communication with hotel general managers and directors of sales through monthly sales reports. Meeting planners: With clients, we have regular face-to-face contact at events and sales calls for each property, and regular updates through social media.

Do you help arrange site inspections? How involved are you in this process, if at all?

Yes, we will assist in setting up site inspections from the U.S. to hotel properties within our collection. We will introduce clients to a local point of contact to facilitate the site inspection on the ground. We don’t typically attend the site inspection unless it warrants our presence.

Do you charge for any of your services?

Hotel and destination partners: We have a separate listing of prices for hotel partners that want to benefit from our expanded sales outreach and resources in the U.S. Please inquire for more details. Meeting planners: We do not pass costs for our services on to meeting planners, and there are no markups for our services on hotel contracts.

How many hotels or venues do you have in the collection?

Pacific World is one of our main partners. As a destination management company operating in 38 countries and more than 100 destinations, they offer incredible local destination resources across the globe. We are always expanding our collection to include unique luxury properties and one-of-a-kind destinations. When selecting new properties, we carefully assess the value to our clients and to the collection as a whole. If you would like to be included in our collection, please contact us for details.

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